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Automatic uncoiler information :
The rack of the uncoiler, drived by the hydraulic cylinder, is movable on the leading rail of the base. To strengen the firm of the coil, there are supporting arms installed in the head of the coil block. With the coil on, the supporting arm would hold the head of the coil. without the coil, the supporting arm would take back, which would not influence the set of the coil.
Hydraulic uncoiler is the specific machine for uncoil. There are three or four rake fanning strip, connected by dovetail groove, installed on the mandrel. In the end of the the fanning strip installed a radial slide incase it moves to the shaft. But it can open and shrink along the radial direction. The tail of the drum shaft connects to the rotatable cylinder. The cylinder piston rod drives the forward tetragonal shaft move along the shaft by the draw bar in the middle on it. The fanning strip would be lead to open or shrink and add the diameter of the coiling block
This machine can make putting coil-stretch coil-deliver coil automatically, the speed of which is same with the forming machine. It is a matching machine for colored steel equipment. In order to save human recourse and lower labor cost, it is better to work with colored steel mould machine and stacker, with which it formed a completely porducing line.
This machine is compose of feed main machine, small car device, hydraulic station, CNC control system.
Main parameter:
(1) Automatic decoiler without car
      A.Install size: 3100mm*1750mm*1700mm
      B.The coil width: ≤1250 mm
      C. Coil inside diameter:¢480-¢510 
      D. Productivity: 0-35m/min
      E. Main motor power: 3 KW
      F. Hydraulic unit power: 3 KW
      G. Electric control system: PLC vector inverter8. Tolerate weight: max 5 tons
(2)Automatic decoiler with car 
      A.Material coil inner:480-510mm      single head   
      B .Automatic and adjust speed  speed: 0-35 m/min
      C.Max coil width:1250mm            Carrying capatity :5000kgs
      D Weight: 2000kgs     stand: 300H steel welding
      E Power:3kw+3kw
      F PLC: Delta from TAIWAN
      G Size:L*W*H(4.3*1.4*1.7m)
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