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automatic roofing sheet forming machine C44

Time:08/31/2015 Post By:XinCheng Machinery

Our factory is specialized in manufacturing roof sheet  forming machinery,C&Z purlin machine,archaic glazed tile forming machine,steel structural floor panel roll forming machine,sandwich panel roll forming machine,highway guardrail forming machine and other cold roll forming machines.

1.The chart of process flow:
 Decoiling--active feeding---forming---measuring lengh---cutting---product to stand
 2.Main equipment:
 Decoiler,main forming machine,hydraulic cutting,electric system(plc),hydraulic system,product stand.
 3.Technical parameters
 coil width:1250mm
sheet thickness:0.3-0.8mm 
cover width:1000mm
2)inner tight decoiler
A.coil inner diameter:450mm--700mm
B.max width of coiling:1250mm
C.max weight of loading:5000kg
3)main forming machine
A.Shaft material:45# steel,bearing steel outer diameter 85mm
B.Main motor power:5.5kw
C.Forming speed:8--10m/min
E.Roller station:15  
4)cutting system
A.hydraulic cutter
B.Blade and mould material:Cr12 steel with quenched treated 60-62°
C.Cutting system advanced hydraulic drive,after automatic cutting after forming.no
5)control system
A.PLC: taida form Taiwan  
B.Coder:from south korea   
6)hydraulic system 
A.advanced hydraulic system from taiwan
4.Spare Parts
1).Easy damaged parts: conk 2 pcs, fuse-link 4 pcs
2).Rubber mat 1 pcs;
3).Bolt spanner 1 pcs

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