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high quality high rib deck roll forming machine H75

Time:09/10/2015 Post By:admin

H75 Roll Forming Machine Technical Parameters

 1) Width of original panel: 1000mm/1200mm/1250mm   ( 1250mm is the profiled standard)
2) Main Parameters:
 1. Unpowered decoiler: feeding the coil passive, tighten it by manual control
 2. Main power of roll former: 15kw ( with cycloidal pinwheel reduction box)
 3. Dimension of roll former: 12500mm*1800mm*1400mm
 4. Output of the roll former: 3500m2/ per day
 5. Weight of equipment: about 7400kg
 6. Material of cutter: Cr12
 7. Profile thickness: 0.4-0.8mm
 8. The precision in definite length: 10m±2mm
 9. The panel surface is smooth and no-scratch.
 10. PLC is adopted to Mitsubishi. ( genuine import )
 11. PLC screen is showed in Chinese, English and Russian. ( changed by button)

PLC control box
PLC control box
manual support table
manual support table

high rib corrugated roof sheet profile drawing
deck roll forming machine H75
deck roll forming machine H75
auto decoiler with car

auto decoiler with car

 roof panel forming machine H75

h75 metal sheet forming machine
metal roll forming machine
h75 roll forming machine