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Russia style cladding cold roll forming machine

Time:08/30/2015 Post By:xincheng

cold roll forming machine for russian
cold forming machine russia

226 metal cladding  cold roll forming machine
    226 model hanging board is a type of classic wall panel in
Russia, very popular. It always is used for concrete building, wooden house, and stone house outside decoration as the wall panel, hanging type. Easy to install, beautiful appearance, weather resistance and practical usage.ceiling machine
Control system: automatically, adjustable speed, length-setting
   cold roll forming machine technical date:
    Roll station: 15 stages
    Main power: 5.5KW
    Pump power: 4KW
    Axle dia: 75mm
    Feed thk: 0.35-0.8mm
    Blade STD: Cr12
    Roller STD: 45#steel hardening with Chrome coating
    Weight: a 2.5tons
    Size: 7800*800*1300mm