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galvanized corrugated iron sheet roll forming machine

Time:09/02/2015 Post By:XinCheng Machinery

corrugated Iron sheet roll forming machine

corrugated sheet forming machine rollers

corrugated sheet forming equipment

Corrugated iron Sheet Forming Machine

Main roofing roll forming Machine technical parameters:

1. uncoiler: Manual up tight, passive leak
2. loading capacity: 5T
3. Rack stand : 300 H steel welding
4. Forming Machine
5. Forming Machine Type: Wall-type chain drive

6. Shaft Diameter: 70 mm
7. Chain: 0.6-inch single-row
8. Forming Motor Power: 3K reducer
9. Forming Machine speed: 10m/min
Forming Machine stands: 9

11. Roll Material: High quality steel Duan playing pieces
12. Hydraulic station motor: 3kw
13. Hydraulic Pump Station: Gear pump
14. Cutting method: Hydraulic shear
15. Scissors film forming material: Cr12

16. Shearing blade Heat treatment: HRC58 ° -60 °
17. Rolling thickness: 0.3-0.8 mm
18. Material Expand Width: 1000mm
19. Length Length Accuracy: ± 2mm
20. The computer use of PLC, Taiwan Delta
21. Computer Operator