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colorbond steel sheet roofing tile roll forming machine

Time:09/02/2015 Post By:XinCheng Machinery

glazed tile roll forming equipment
metal tile cold roll former


Colored steel tile/panel/sheet produced by our Metal Tile Roll Forming Machine widely used in construction, they looks nice and durable. 


1. Name of production line : 

2. Production flow chart :

Uncoiling--- Colored steel coil feeding---Roll forming---Cut to length---Final product

1) un-coiler (Optional devices)

2) Feeding device

3) Roll forming machine

4)Hydraulic Cutting

5) PLC control system

6) Hydraulic system

7) stacker (Optional devices)


3.Technical specification:

1) Un-coiler(Optional devices):

(1) Unpowered, single head, to support and uncoil the steel coil, tenses the coil by manual, it is convenient for the workers to operate.

The coil inner diameter: φ450-550mm

Max. outer coil diameter: φ1000mm-1250mm

(2)option type

<1>.Manual un-coiler

<2>.Electric un-coiler

<3>.hydraulic un-coiler

2).Feeding device

Help to feed the material coil to the roll forming device

3).roll forming machine


aluminium sheet roof tile
aluminium sheet roof tile 

<4>Thickness of formed steel: 0.35mm-0.8mm

<5>Feeding width : 1220mm

 (2).Picture of  roll forming machine

metal step tile forming machine
 aluminium metcoppo drawing

 (3).we designed the parameters of  roll forming machine for you as follow :

<1>. Step of forming roller :Upper layer 15steps,Lower layer 18steps

<2>. Diameter of shaft(solid shaft): 70 mm

<3>. Material of shaft (solid shaft): (high grade) 45# Steel, quenching and tempering treatment

<4>. Razor blades material : Cr12, quenching 58-62 °

<5>. Treatment of roller : hard chromize coated

<6>. Reducer : 5# cycloid reducer (high grade)

<7>. Power of main motor : 3kw

<8>. Voltage:  380V/50Hz/3phase

<9>.Line speed : about 9-12m/min

<10>. Appearance size : 8.2m*1.5m *1.5m


<12>. Frequency converter : DELTA(TAIWAN)