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floor decking cold roll forming machine manufacutrer

Time:06/16/2015 Post By:xincheng

floor deck forming machine

floor deck roll forming machine

floor deck roll former machine

 Floor Decking Roll Forming Machine  produced by this machine are mainly used as the floor decking  features of high wave, high strength, high degree automatically producing, lower cost and so on.

This panel is set up with concrete, which has good adhesiveness. This not only can save steel moulding plate, but also can decrease the load capacity of floor decking. Therefore, steel quantity of the whole project is decreased and can save money surely.
Parameters of roll forming machine 

(1) Material of roller: 45# Steel

(2) Drive type of roll forming machine : drive by chain 2 inch

(3) Chain : 38.1 mm (high grade)

(4) Bearing : 6210 (high grade)

(5) Reducer : 9# cycloid reducer (high grade)

(6) Power of main motor : 11KW*2

(7) Voltage : 380V/50Hz/3phase

(8) Motor power of hydraulic station : 7.5kw

(9) Line speed : about 9-12 m/min

(10) Oil pump of hydraulic station : gear oil pump (high grade)

(11) Hydraulic cutting: cutting controlled by PLC

(12) Accuracy of cutting : +/- 2mm

(13 Appearance size  : 15.5m (length)*1.5m (width) *1.5m (height)

(14) Electrically controlled system : entire machine controlled by PLC


B.Equipment parts
·Feeding plat form
·Roll forming machine
·Automatic shearing system
·Hydraulic system
·Computer control system (imported computer)
·High-precision automatic counter
·Productivity: 10-18m/min, 3500m2/8hs
·Suitable process material: colored steel sheet, aluminium steel sheet, and galvanized steel sheet

C.Optional equipment:
·Manual uncoiler frame in different tons
·Hydraulic automatic uncoiler

D.Working space and workman for the equipment:
1. Ground-level land
2. ≥5T overhead travelling crane
3. Space for storing the material
4. Space for laying the machine
5. Road for vehicle moving
6. Workman: 2, operator and porter