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rockwool sandwich panel line

Time:07/05/2015 Post By:xincheng

Sandwich Panel Production Machine LINE Features:

(1)Beautiful appearance, low noise, high efficiency.
(2)Multiple function: In addition to corrugated sandwich panels, this line can be used to produce simple corrugated sheets, and different model sandwich panels.
(3)The transmission of the laminating system is achieved by worm and worm gear which make the laminating speed smooth and steady.

(4)The line employs advanced PLC and sets the length and cuts the panel automatically.
(5)The main body is welded with type "H"section steel as its material. The surface
is treated by rotoblast
(6)Rollers of the laminating system are covered with rubber, which is advantageous
to the protection of the surface color of galvanized sheets and makes the equipment
laminate steadily.


HD sandwich panel production line is main equipment that is used to produce sandwich panel a new building materials which has the features as stable  light  solidity and beautiful appearance. The application of sandwich panels in varilus usage of large-scale house like supermarket , workshop ,warehouse is convenient and fast in building .Then also can be offered to construct refrigerator .clearing room .etc .


This line adopts advanced technique, which integrates gas , electricity and machinery ,and this line is the special equipment for processing colored steel sandwich  panel .its working speed can be adjusted by frequency converter, and it can process sandwich panel at one time .

The line for sandwich panel is made up of a sandwich panel laminating system and roll forming machine .Both the laminating system and roll forming machine can work independently .The roll forming machine of the line consists of feeding equipment .roll forming section. while the laminating system is made up of such equipment as decoiler ,feeding ,squeezing ,heating ,laminating ,edge rolling ,edge turn-over ,groove-making ,edge pruning ,pneumatic device ,automatic cutting and control system .The whole machine possesses advanced working crafts .

The sandwich panels of this line are widely used as the roof and wall of factory , warehouse ,garage ,exhibition center, cinema ,theatre , gymnasium, civil construction ,stadium ,cold storage ,etc .


Technical parameter


1. Dimension : 38000*2400*2700mm  

2. Forming speed: 0-4m/min

3. Total power: 28kw 

4. Weight : 16000kg

5. Control system: PLC control system full automatic control 

6. Voltage : 380 v/3phase

7. Material thickness: 0.3-0.8mm

8. Plate material : color steel or stainless plate

9. The feeding width of steel plate : 1250mm

10. Sandwich thickness 50mm250mm

11.Core material :EPS or Rock wool

12.User : roofs and walls

Needed place and workmen

1.ground-level land

2.≥5t overhead travelling crane

3.≥-14 temperature in the working department

4.space for storing material

5.space for laying the machine (about 50m*12m*7m)

6.road for vehicle moving

7.workmen:6-8 operator and porter


sandwich panel production linesandwich panel production line

sandwich panel production line