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metal steel roll forming machine

Time:02/25/2016 Post By:xincheng

  metal steel roll forming machine 

One Roll Forming Machine only can produce one profile.the following profile drawing are some examples for your reference.

(1) Suitable material to process: color/galvanized sheet

(2) Thickness of the plate :0.3-1.0mm

(3) Roller steps: 13; material :45# steel, Rolling chromium thickness:0.05 mm

(4) Diameter of active shaft: 70-95mm

(5) Productivity :8-12m/min

(6) Wall thickness of the main forming machine: 12/16/18mm steel plate

(7) Main forming machine body : Groove , H or shape steel (250mm-400mm)

(8) Transmission chain is25.4mm,;

Reducer is 5.5kw Xingxing Cycloid which works stably and no noise.

(9) Cutting hydraulic systerm adpats CDF-10 gear pump,the motor power is 4kw, no noise, work stably, long life expentancy.

Cutting tool material: GCr12 with quenched treatment 60-62

(10) PLC control systerm, easy to operate, high precision and work stably.

Note: all the parameters can be changed as per the custumers requirement and different machines

metal steel roll forming machine