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Clip Lock Roll Forming Machine for roof panel

Time:11/14/2015 Post By:XinCheng Machinery

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standing seam roll forming machine
roll forming machine

Custom Clip Lock Roll Forming Machine for Standing Seam Roof Panel

A). Main Specification of Clip Lock Roll Forming Machine:


· Material thickness: 1mm

· Decoiler: Manual or hydraulic decoiler

· Weight capacity of uncoiler: 5 Ton

· Forming Speed: 0-15m/min

· Forming Station: 16 stations

· Main power: 5.5KW

· Cutting: Hydraulic cutting


· Encoder: OMRON Brand

· Transducer: PANASONIC Brand


B).  Main Components:

· Decoiler ---------------------------------------------- 1 Unit

· Feeding guide -------------------------------------- 1 Unit

· main roll forming machine ------------------------ 1 Unit

· Hydraulic cutting device -------------------------- 1 Unit

· Hydraulic Station ----------------------------------- 1 Unit

· PLC computer control ----------------------------- 1 Unit

· Output table ----------------------------------------- 1 Unit


C). Work Flowing:

Decoiler --- Fedding Guide --- Roll Forming --- Cut-to-length --- Run out table




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