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Trapezoidal profile Roll Forming Machine

Time:02/25/2016 Post By:xincheng

Trapezoidal profile Roll Forming Machine Technical specification:

1) Un-coiler(Optional devices):

(1) Unpowered, single head, to support and uncoil the steel coil, tenses the coil by manual, it is convenient for the workers to operate.

The coil inner diameter: φ450-550mm

Max. outer coil diameter: φ1000mm-1250mm

(2)option type

<1>.Manual un-coiler

<2>.Electric un-coiler

<3>.hydraulic un-coiler

2).Feeding device

Help to feed the material coil to the roll forming device

3).roll forming machine


♦The top layer

<1>Wave height : 25mm

<2>Wave width : 200mm

<3>Effective width : 1000mm

<4>Thickness of formed steel: 0.35mm-0.8mm

<5>Feeding width : 1200mm

(2).Picture of  roll forming machine

roll forming machine

(3).we designed the parameters of  roll forming machine for you as follow :

<1>. Step of forming roller :Upper layer 15steps,Lower layer 18steps

<2>. Diameter of shaft(solid shaft): 70 mm

<3>. Material of shaft (solid shaft): (high grade) 45# Steel, quenching and tempering treatment

<4>. Razor blades material : Cr12, quenching 58-62 °

<5>. Treatment of roller : hard chromize coated

<6>. Reducer : 5# cycloid reducer (high grade)

<7>. Power of main motor : 3kw

<8>. Voltage:  380V/50Hz/3phase

<9>.Line speed : about 9-12m/min

<10>. Appearance size : 8.2m*1.5m *1.5m


<12>. Frequency converter : DELTA(TAIWAN)

4)Hydraulic Cutter:

Hydraulic cutting,

Post cut, stop to cut,

The cutting blade material is Cr12,

The cutting tolerance:±2.0mm

5).PLC control system:

PLC control the whole line.

Human-machine interface, whirl encoder calculates the length, the touch screen sets the length.

You can set lots of data one time. Frequency adjusts speed, it has auto adjustment function

Transducer drives the main machine, it has E-stop button,which promise the safe running.

6) Hydraulic system

Supply the power for cutting

Oil pump for hydraulic system

Type: gear oil pump


7).Stacker (Optional devices) :

(1).Optional type :

<1>. simple stacker:

<2>. hydraulic stacker :

In order to collect final product ,it is conveniently for workers to stack.It can be discharge,the collecting height can be adjusted,the scope is 20mm. Length is 6m