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steel sheet roll forming machine

Time:12/25/2012 Post By:XinCheng Machinery


 It is producted  saving human resources, lower labor cost.
This machine is composed of automatic discharge table, feed leading table, main forming machine, cutting computer control device, hydraulic station and system.
Optional system are normal uncoiler and hydraulic uncoiler.
After roll formed by this machine,the surface will be smooth and beautiful without any scratch on surface.
glazed tile roll forming machine
1. Main counting parameters :
Appearance size: 8000mm*1000mm*1300mm
Width range:   1100mm
Thickness range:   0.3-0.8mm
 Inner diameter range:   Φ500mm
 Speed of product:   2-3m/min
2. Processes and components       
 Processes: Man-made uncoiler—Roll forming machine—PLC system—Hydraulic system—mold pressing machine-Blade-Receiving table
3. Components of line
4. Function and structure: Man-made uncoiler       
Application and technical parameter :
Inner diameter:ø500mm
Outer diameter: ø 1100mm
Width:1000 mm
Loading weight:≤5 T
5. Main machine for roll forming    
Application and technical parameter:
Pass:13 passes
Shaft diameter:ø65mm
Roller material:45 steel(Cr coating)
Total power:3 KW
6. Control system: Function and operation:Control the starting,operation and stopping of the complete line,including distribution section,operation table, counting instrument. Use PLC to control,set and adjust the length. Both man-made and auto operations:on the man-made condition,each equipment can operated by switch;on the auto condition,only circulating stop and rapid stop switch.
7. Hydraulic system   
Function: apply power for cutting machine
8. Blade    
Function and structure: cutting the forming sheet
Application and technical parameter:Blade material: Cr12 and Harding treatment
Max thickness: 0.3-0.8mm
9. Payment: 20%deposit, full payment before shipment.
10. Delivery: 30 days after getting deposit
11. Guarantee:
In correct operation and maintenance, the machine is two years guarantee since leaving the seller’s factory.
12. Installation:
If buyer need, the seller will send one or two technician to the buyer’s factory to install & testing the machine, the buyer will assist the seller’s technician to get the visa and pay for the two-way flight tickets and local accommodation, visa cost. by the way , buyer pay 50USD/day for technician extra.