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   This auxiliary equipment can perform the process like material feeding, blanking, stacking, and discharging automatically. It is mainly composed of feeding device, blanking device, pneumatic device, storage table and electric system. 

   An automatic production line can be formed by integrating this stacker, hydraulic uncoiler and colored steel forming machine together, which greatly reduces the production cost. 

   Technical Specification of Auto Stacker: 

   Outline dimensions: 7000mmx4200mmx1600mm (6m) 

   Pneumatic system: air pump (air supply power), equipped by user 

   Feeding system: gear motor starts when the steel board is cut off, delivering material by transmission 

   motor power: 2.2KWv 

   Storage table: storing products, can move between the left and right by gear motor  

   motor power: 2.2KW 

   Electric control system: feeding and blanking material automatically  

   Stacker type: 6m/12m 

   Thickness: max.300mm

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